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All photos from social events, theatre & weddings are available for purchase (in traditional form as archival prints…NOT inkjet outputs).  4×5 or 4x6s are $14.95, 5x7s are $24.95 and 8x10s are $36.95. CDs and DVDs are also available starting at only $39.95.

for; DIGIPIX, our Business headshot/portrait sessions. Prints are available for office display (we can imprint text with the persons’ name and occupation as well: i.e.  Dr. Suzie Smith,  Ophthamologist) and/or gift portraits.  Call us for wall portrait sizes and finishes, like canvas mounting.. Smaller prints are sold as DigiSheets (but real photographs) A digisheet is 1 8×10 =2 5x7s=4 4x6s and may be in color or B&W or MIXED at no charge. The first digisheet is $49.95 and duplicates are discounted at HALF PRICE (24.95)

for: Legacy Portrait,


for: Children, Teens & Senior 

(http://garysweetman.com/special_price_list1.htm) pricing, refer to those price lists on our website. You need to add 6.5% tax if you live in Florida. Mailing the prints is easy…shipping depends upon size and quantity… Remember every image is available in black and white or sepia (brown tones) as well as the color you see (which can vary with your monitor and settings…lightness, darkness and contrast are all controlled in your final order. Also cropping is available…just tell us who you want in/out. Holiday and grad cards are also available. Call us with your order at 941-748-4004 or drop us an email: gsphoto@aol.com Hope to hear from you! 

When you are navigating on the index pages (the ones that look like contact sheets)…double clicking brings up an enlargement of each image…then follow the arrows. You can go back to the index view and move between those screens at any time. Pressing the F-11 key gives you a larger view and removes the tool bars in Internet Explorer. 

IMPORTANT STUFF!  As you probably know, all professional images are copyrighted and may NOT be printed; however there ARE exceptions (Aren’t there always?) All large images can be “right clicked” and saved to post on Social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook. The copyright notice at the bottom of your image may NOT be cropped off.  If you have a personal webpage, such as an actor, designer or artist, you may save and post with the same previous restriction. Thanks for being honest! It keeps everyone’s prices down. Some of our proof pages have a list of numbers at the top. They turn color when you click on the sequence number of that image. Do NOT order by that numberThe filename is always displayed above or below the image.

Want to see our wonderful portrait photography? http://www.shareitvideo.com/watch.php?v=241555569697467


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